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Player Biography's

This weeks biography is on Zigmund Palffy

Zigmund Palffy was born in Skalica,Czechoslovakia on May 5,1972.He's not exactly big by NHL standards but the King's rightwinger is off to a big start in this years campaign.The 5 foot ten inch 180 pounder has 18 goals and 40 points this year.Palffy was drafted by the New York Islanders, in the 2nd round[26th overall] of the 1991 entry draft.His most productive season was with the Isles in 96-97 when he posted 48 goals and 42 assists.Palffy hasn't posted a 30 goal season since he notched 45 in 97-98.So far this season he seems to be on pace for career numbers.

Career Numbers
GP Goals Assists Pts PPG
422- 213- 224- 437- 58

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